Warehouse Management Systems

In December 2018 EMS acquired the implementation, Support and Sales Division of DATASCOPE WMS.​
EMS is now the registered DSP-DATASCOPE SERVICE PROVIDER for Africa and Australia.




DATASCOPE WMS allows manufacturers to effectively control all inventory from raw material receipts through WIP and to finished goods pick, pack and ship. Many manufacturers implement DATASCOPE WMS to get control of their inventory to improve MRP and other factory planning. Some additional reasons are for lot (batch) control, quality control and advanced mass based picking.


DATASCOPE WMS offers distribution companies advanced warehouse management functionality that is seamlessly integrated into SYSPRO ERP. Advanced modules assist our clients to dramatically improve their order turn around and service levels to their clients. In depth transaction data lays the foundation for KPI measurement that ensure people and processes are operating at their peak.


DATASCOPE has aligned with Microsoft technologies with all server and PC components developed in Microsoft .Net with a Microsoft SQL database. This is in line with SYSPRO’s technologies. Since DATASCOPE WMS version 4.0.40 the platform has been expanded to run on Azure for future cloud installations. All postings from DATASCOPE WMS to SYSPRO are transacted via SYSPO’s E.Net business object layer.


DATASCOPE has adopted SYSPRO’s Cloud First focus. The future of ERP systems, and by extension WMS systems is undoubtedly cloud based. As such DATASCOPE has been hard at work on our Microsoft Azure solution. This has been released and all internal software testing and demonstrations are run on Azure. The speed and stability is remarkable and we will support any client in their move to Azure.


Being able to tailor your WMS solution to your needs without having to customize your the sore software solution is key to any best of breed software solution today. In the past companies tended to either sell “out of the box” solutions that could not be adjusted to a companies needs or “customizable solutions” that could be changed as a company requires. Unfortunately the solutions that allowed for customization generally become so specific that when a new version of the solution was released the company could not upgrade without major redevelopment.

API Layer

DATASCOPE WMS e.net Solutions provides a simplified environment your IT developers can use to integrate your WMS with third-party solutions. This enables your business to extend beyond your enterprise and drive efficiencies. With security standards, DATASCOPE e.net uses XML communication standards and the Microsoft .NET framework.


The DATASCOPE Scanner platform (mobile device platform) has been developed for Windows Mobile 6.1. We install a “fat” client onto each device with an automatic version control management built in. As the server is upgraded, all mobile DATASCOPE WMS installs on devices will identify the new version and will automatically upgrade to the new version. This upgrade process takes under 1 minute.

Build for SYSPRO

Possibly the single biggest advantage of selecting DATASCOPE WMS over other best of bread WMS solutions is that the software has been build specifically for SYSPRO ERP. This means that the software ships automatically with a very high level of integration between the two systems. In fact a level of integration which most other WMS solutions would never be able to provide unless they become specific to a single ERP system. No WMS solution can create an advanced and high level of integration with all ERP solutions – its simply not practical or achievable to attain this.