About US

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SERVICES (PTY) LTD – (EMS) was started in 2003 and has been a leader in their field of Auto‐ID service provisional for the major hardware manufacturers across Africa.


Late 2018 EMS acquired the DSP for Africa from DATASCOPE and now runs the support, implementation and sales of all the DATASCOPE WMS solutions outside of North America and Canada, EMS took over the full Johannesburg team from DATASCOPE and proud itself with over 35‐ Man‐years of DATASCOPE WMS & SYSPRO knowledge.


EMS currently supports over 25 customers in Africa and 1 client in Australia. EMS follows the strict Project Methodologies of the DSP agreement and is audited after every project.

BEE status

DATASCOPE Consulting

The company was started in 2001 as a software developer of JIT (Just‐In‐Time) software products for the automotive industry.

In the earlier days, the company focused on writing supply chain optimization software for Volkswagen of SA. The product was then taken on to become a web‐based product that could be used by most automotive OEM’s in South Africa.

During 2003 DATASCOPE Consulting revised the company strategy to include the sale and implementation of an ERP system called SYSPRO. SYSPRO is one of the most widely used mid‐tier ERP systems in South Africa. DATASCOPE’s employees have over 115 years of joint in‐depth working experience within SYSPRO. The prospective client should view this as a solution provider differentiator.

Due to our strong software development capability, the company soon started developing business optimization solutions around SYSPRO for specific industries.

In 2005 DATASCOPE Consulting strategically focused on building a standard plug and play WMS (Warehouse Management System) for SYSPRO ERP. Since then >25 000 hours have been invested into developing a functionally rich best of breed WMS. This solution has been successfully implemented at numerous large blue‐chip clients across South Africa. The BidVest and AECI Groups are but two examples where DATASCOPE’s WMS is the standard.

The scope of work includes a mini project implementation of the WMS for the safety critical items, these will use the lot trackability functionality. This project should go live within a few weeks of the purchase order.


EMS is a Level 4 B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level